Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Art Exhibit

The current art exhibit at the George A. Gray Gallery in the Meadowbrook Center features local artist Diane Relf and is titled “It’s All About Rust.” The show will continue through July 31, with an artist reception from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in the Gallery on Sunday, July 25, that is open to the public. The exhibit is sponsored by the EastMont Arts Association in affiliation with the state-wide art initiative “MINDS WIDE OPEN: Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts.”

Diane Relf's Artist Statement:

Art is a means of making personal sense of my environment and expressing this sense in a tangible fashion. The medium for expression that fits best for me is Altered Art or Assemblages, which takes the physical elements that surround me and, by combining them into completely new and unexpected partnerships, produces new insights. Or at the very least produces a smile or a chuckle for the viewer!!

My art is about finding discarded objects and manipulating them to explore their potential; then combining these new objects into statements of appreciation of the mundane. It questions the validity of a throwaway society, the value of always needing new, and the perfection of machinery precision. It celebrates the daily detritus that has lost its meaning and gives it a new opportunity to open eyes and minds.

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